Panhandler Party by PanhandlerParty

Have you ever seen two people beg in the same subway car at the same time?

Produced by actor/comedian/jackass Gary Lee Mahmoud of Panhandler Party Productions, LLC. Special thanks to co-producer, editor, Padcaster inventor, and all around great guy Josh Apter at the Manhattan Edit Workshop.

Also thank you to Alex Grybauskas, Dennis Mitchell, and Alan Eisenberg at Refinery NYC. Thank you to Aida Artieda for her organizational skills and Alan Kudan for some amazing audio capture.

Great performances by: Jane Aquilina, Rob King, Jen Kwok, Nick Cobb, Andrew Ginsburg, Sean Allison, and Aguileo Ramos, Rigoberto Ramos, and Leopoldo Juarez of Mariachi Aguila y Plata!

And thank you to Josh Hyman, Elyse Brandau, Justin Hoch, Jessica Solce, Lauren Potter, Dan Jamieson, Dan Katz, Rishi Gandhi, and Jaime Ordonez for some great iPhone camerawork.

Panhandler Party creator (and actor) Gary Lee Mahmoud may be contacted at Other clips and reviews of his work can be found on his performance website at


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