Authentic Bros – Here To Go by AuthenticBros

Authentic Bros
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Salute to the dead, Listen, Salute

[Verse 1]
Yeah we come here to go and we don’t really know
When the angel of death arrives that we must go
We must know that we’re nothing but travellers in this globe
From the day that we’re all born to the day that we all go
Taking our last breath and entering life after death
Lying in a death bed like salutations to the dead
Believe…death is a gift so there’s nothing to dread
Though I suppose there’s certain things that need to be said
Like how much do you treasure the people that you endear?
From your mother to your father, your sister to your brother
Your wife or your lover, how much do you love them?
Take a couple of minutes to tell them that you truly love them
Now embed that within your heart and place nothing above them
Now how much do we contemplate the poor with no wealth?
And the truth is wealth can’t replace no health
Now if the message is worthwhile, then nourish yourself

[Chorus] x 2

We come here to go
And we never really know
When it’s time to let go
In this world full of woe
You never know when you gonna go


Listen, Yo

We living a test so we learning a lesson
Tryina get a result so we can answer every question
Every life has its time so we stick to the essence
Hoping one day we can make it to the gates of heaven
At times we forget this won’t last forever
However while we endeavour to make things all better
Lets try to make our time on earth something to remember
Birth is a gift and death is always guaranteed
So always try to resist to all the desires and sins
Straight up tricks mixed up and transfixed
To make you weak coz there’s life after death
Don’t lose your breath take a second make a prayer
We all got to prepare for the day we got no air
Be aware coz time flies so have love and care for the ones that be near
Live life like you living for a thousand years
And live life like you leaving in the next minute

[Chorus] x 4

We come here to go
And we never really know
When it’s time to let go
In this world full of woe
You never know when you gonna go

This is dedicated to all the loved ones out there, to all the people that we love so much and now they’ve left us and not around us, but we still think about them sometimes. You know, God bless them all and never forget that while we’re here, while we’re living here, on this earth we got to make a difference, so lets make a difference together and lets make a better future.

Yeah, a better future and rest in peace to my brother Alex, Literal-X, every life has its appointed time and I guess, yours came earlier than ours, we’re all waiting. But while you’re here, smile at the world and let the world smile back, yeah, try to make a better place, stay positive, one love.


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