Crew required for 35 night shoot.

Multi-millionaire producer making an indie feature out-of-pocket needs crew to work for free for 35 nights 6 feet from the edge of the “studio zone” and then will be shuttled 1/18 mile to the set. Principal photography begins on new years eve. 7 day weeks, non-union, no copy*, no credit, no meals, no pay, no mileage, no hotels, no per diem, no rentals.

All key positions are filled by award winners who will totally hire you later on. All actors are triplets so that shooting can continue for 18 hours, 6 studio teachers will be on rotation.

An amazing opportunity to gain more experience and work next to the best of the best of the best. Applicants must have 10+ years experience and all their own equipment. Let us know what size waders you wear and we will put an order in so they will be available for you to buy.

Steadycam needed every swamp day. Sorry, no kit rental. Must have the best and newest and most expensive gear available. We will be doing a “Goodfellas” shot. Great for your reel.*

Award winning DP is providing his own equipment and is camping out on the set in a tent. He says he will work through lunches since they are not being provided. He’s a real team-player. Are you?

Sound man/woman needed. Again, we need you to bring the best, most expensive equipment technology has to offer so that we get the cleanest sound over the swamp boat noise. No kit rental. Swamp boats will only be provided to the director and producer(s) but will be running at all times to provide wind FX. All dialogue will eventually be replaced in post.

Script supervisor will need to develop note-taking techniques on a wet script. There is a budget for Funyons for this position ONLY.

Gaffer needs electric crew who can and will work in swamp conditions without GFI protection. Gain valuable experience! Most grips and electrics will be required to wear swamp camouflage or a green suit.

Key grip is a local with a small house-boat. He is offering lodging for his “best boy” at a reasonable rate. All other boats will be “picture vehicles” and may not be used for transport or equipment staging.

First AD wanted who can multi-task and won’t waste time with safety meetings.

FX crew must have 80% of their fingers, no matter the size of your crew. For example, if you have 5 crew members, 1 of them can have no fingers at all. We will only have room for 1 FX person, so you have to have at least 8 fingers.

Transpo captain should be an actual captain for this production.

Accountant needed – no experience preferred.

We can only afford to give you our appreciation as this film has no budget. It’s already been sold, but those funds will not be available. All tax incentives have been used to purchase a Bentley as a picture car that will not appear in the film. Employees must all have their own health insurance, but there will be a medic on set with Advil for a reasonable price.


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