Check this total disregard to copyright from the press. Are you surprised?

Story: Woman finds a cool image on Instagram, reposts to Twitter. She is then asked if it is hers, she replies “no”. Press then come and ask permission to use it, she replies “yes you can”. Press use said image.

Are you shocked, I am, but I don’t think the average person would be. This is blatant copyright infringement. The OP I’m sure was unaware and posted it in good heart, however the press should know better.

Can people of the Internet find the original image and copyright holder? It is of Tesco stacking alcohol in the fruit and veg aisle in Reading.

EDIT 1: OP has deleted image and original tweet.

EDIT 2: I have now found that ITV reposted the image, giving credit to OP and sought permission from OP or owner.

EDIT 3: People of the Internet thank you. Owner is Lily Randall @diva0fdeath.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-20-at-13.15.57_3 copy


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