Client Relation Questions for the Location Sound Recordist.

This new potential client is asking for a favour on the rate saying it could lead to more work. What do I do?
If you’re comfortable working for that favor rate all the time, go for it. Most of the time, it’s total crap. Sure, sometimes you’ll do a favour and it will lead to more work at professional rates, but sometimes you also win big in Vegas. You know what I’m saying? To paraphrase Charles Tomaras, “You gotta get on the plane before you can cash in on the miles.”

Someone is asking for a reel and I don’t have one. Do I really need a reel?
No, you don’t need a reel. A sound reel proves nothing about how well you do your job, it just shows that your client paid for some level of post production. A reel is generally a request from someone new who doesn’t understand our job.

I’m on location and I have done everything I can to improve the noise, but it still sucks. What do I do?
Do everything you can to make a bad sound situation better, if its still bad let the director and producer know the situation and your suggested fix. If they say no or it’s fine, then move on and get the best sound you can. Most of the time they know its a bad situation and will appreciate you not getting grumpy. (CREDIT: Gabriel Fragoso)

I’ve done all I can and everything still sucks.
Losing gracefully is an art form. You will more often be remembered for how well you handled a bad situation than anything else. Only burn the right bridges. (CREDIT: Griffon Richardson)

Above all, keep smiling. Even if a bad tempered DOP or AD presses you to speed up when you’ve been waiting two hours for a shot to set up.  And tell them that even God waits for sound when the lighting strikes! (CREDIT: Victor Bresse)


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